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Wines of Portugal is the brand par excellence of Portuguese wines in the world. It was developed
in 2010 to promote the image of Portuguese wines in the various international markets.

Portuguese wine has managed to assert itself internationally for being a unique and differentiating
proposal, based on the diversity and singularity of its grapes and its terroirs to which is associated
a very consistent quality and excellent value for money.

Today, Portuguese wine international reputation is unquestionable. Portuguese wine exports also
demonstrate this sector's dynamism having registered a very favourable performance over the last years.

  • 725  million euro of Portuguese wine exports in 2014 (Note: includes Port and Madeira wine);
  • 11% the Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry GVA;
  • 1,5%of the total national exports of goods is ensured by Portuguese wine;
  • 66% is the representativeness of Portuguese wines within the export of Portuguese
    “beverages, spirits and vinegar" products;
  • 45%  is the percentage of the exported wine production;
  • 9th    is Portugal’s position in the international wine trade ranking;
  • 12th  is Portugal’s position as a wine producing country worldwide;

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