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Wines of Portugal Brand Strategy

The Wines of Portugal brand is a collective brand and a communication tool for Portuguese wines around the world. In a collective exercise led by the IVV, Instituto da Vinha e Vinho (Wine and Vine Institute) the work to create the Wines of Portugal brand started in 2008, culminating successfully in 2010 and promoting the image of Portuguese wines in several international markets.

Developing and executing market strategies and plans so innovative and relevant, that position Portugal as the next hotspot on the international wine scene in 3 years. Focusing efforts on 16 strategic markets.



Wines with authenticity and tradition – strong connection to the regions, their culture and their people – Terroir Wines:

  • Strong connection to author's knowledge and art in making blends (Blend)
  • Distinctive Wines, resulting from the vast heritage of native grapes (Grape Varieties)
  • High diversity of supply due to the diversity of its regions (Regions)


Wines that surprise by the diversity of the offer, at a premium price, creating a strong Portugal brand, with an emotional connection to the consumer.


  • Reaching the 1,000,000,000 euros in exports by 2022;
  • Sustaining this growth on the average price increase;
  • Reaching the level of New Zealand concerning the creation of the Country brand awareness.


  • Improving the awareness of the Wines of Portugal brand;
  • Developing the distinctive positioning of the Wines of Portugal brand based on the master of blends expertise, the diversity of native grape varieties, terroirs and regions in order to make the offer credible;
  • Highlighting Portugal as the international hotspot of the wine sector.