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International Promotion

Until 2023, ViniPortugal will continue to focus on the message that the Wines of Portugal remain genuine and with strong Portuguese character. With a heritage of more than 250 native grapes, Portuguese wines offer a unique experience, taking advantage of the diversity of Portuguese terroirs and grape varieties, thanks to the techniques and people who make them. In their diversity, they are versatile and gastronomic. In their quality, they rival the best in the world.

The Wines of Portugal brand will continue to be consistently present across 4 continents and 21 strategic markets. With an annual investment of between 6 and 7 million euro, over 100 annual Portuguese wines promotion actions will be carried out with around 370 national  economic agents. The U.S.A., Brazil, Canada and China will be the greater focus for the promotion of Portuguese wines, with 60% of the budget for these four countries. The events for professionals and consumers will be a major component of promotion, although losing in markets where distribution is already extended and / or markets already recognized by consumers. Today, Portuguese wine international reputation is unquestionable. Portuguese wine exports also confirm the sector's dynamism. In 2017, exports of all types of wines grew 7.5%, with 12.5% for the set of priority markets mentioned above.

There is still much to be done to reinforce the reputation and value of the Wines of Portugal brand, but the results show that the sector is on the right track and that the future is promising.


21 strategic markets 

6 millions of investment to promote Wines of Portugal in 2020

+100 annual marketing actions


ViniPortugal's action in the 21 priority markets will be sustained through the implementation of a set of actions divided into 4 major headings - Events, Education, Promotion and Communication and divided into 2 major axes: Collective Actions, with the presence of Economic Agents and Generic Actions , without the direct presence of Economic Agents. The set of actions to be implemented by market is defined according to the stage of its maturity for the Wines of Portugal brand, in terms of the appetite for consumption, notoriety and entry of Portuguese wine.

According to the maturity phase of the market, more push or pull actions will be applied in line with the strategy defined for each market.

  • Events: high impact actions for the market with the presence of Economic Agents and aimed at more than 100 guests (professionals and / or consumers). A short and medium term return is expected.
  • Education / Training: set of actions to increase the awareness of Wines of Portugal for a maximum of 30 professionals, not requiring travel by Economic Agents and taking place on the market or in Portugal. A medium and long-term return is expected.
  • Promotion: set of actions to achieve shelf visibility for Wines of Portugal in wine shops, supermarkets and restaurants to stimulate the demand for our wines. A short and medium term return is expected.
  • Communication: tools to offer the visibility and communication of the Wines of Portugal brand, supporting the strategy defined for each market. A short and medium term return is expected.