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Russia Find Importers Day 2017 (RUS17)

Russia Find Importers Day 2017 (RUS17)

15/10/2017 a 21/10/2017 - Portugal
12 Importadores + 2 Profissionais Media


No cumprimento do Plano de Promoção de 2017 para o mercado da Rússia, a ViniPortugal vai organizar uma comitiva de 12 compradores e 2 jornalistas, com o objectivo de implantar os vinhos portugueses neste mercado em ascensão. A acção “Russia Find Importers Day” realizar-se-á a 15 a 21 de Outubro, em formato de prova com reuniões individuais, no Hotel Intercontinental no Porto. Seguidamente todos os AE´s inscritos terão a oportunidade nessa semana de serem visitados na sua propriedade por um de dois grupos de 6 importadores e um jornalista.


A ViniPortugal convida todos os agentes económicos a se inscreverem.


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Lista de Importadores (a actualizar)

Participarão nesta acção 12 importadores, 6 dos quais seguem na lista seguinte:


"Founded in 1992 Roust is a group of consumer- focused companies with market-leading brands in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy and Hungary and a presence in more than 80 markets around the world.

Today Roust portfolio is presented by famous international alcohol brands: own brands, such as Vodka (Russian Standard, Zubrowka, Green Mark, Parliament etc), Italian brand Gancia (sparkling wine & vermouths). Also Roust is a leading distributor of premium spirits brands in Russia – Remy & Cointreau, Jagermeister, Sierra, De Kuyper. Wine portfolio of Roust is presented by Chilean wine producer Concha y Toro, Californian producer Gallo Family and popular French wine house J.P. Chenet."


2. Vintage-M Ltd

“VINTAGE-M” started its activities in 2002 and during this time held a firm place in the Russian market, having collected more than 500 names of rare wines and exclusive alcohol of the highest quality at reasonable prices: from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland and even Cuba.

The perfect quality level and attractive prices of the whole range of our products are provided with the following factors:

- Selection of line items for our collection is done by experts of the VINTAGE-M company by summarizing the opinions of leading world wine critics such as: WineSpectator, R.Parker, Decanter, etc. and own experience of tastings together with our partners wine-makers, sommeliers and clients.

- We work only with the small family wineries making wines in limited amount only from they own grapes.

- We buy wines directly from producers, without intermediaries.

- The professional level of our team provide the best delivery and storage conditions in our warehouse.

We create the most favorable conditions for our clients: top restaurants, wine boutiques and grocery shops all across the Russia, as far as private clients and corporate customers with a world reputation. At our customers’ requests we are making wine charts, tastings and presentations.

We invite you to cooperation and look forward to maintaining a good and reliable partnership in nearest future.


“Marine Express” is one of the Russian leading importers and distributors of wine and liquors. We also were one of the first who offered wines imported from the countries outside former Soviet Union by prices affordable to wide consumer. That step allowed us to take up larger market share and shortly claim to be an important player in this market.

• Currently we’re N 3 in volume of imported sparkling wines according to customs statistics.

• Our distribution covers all Russian regions and goes through all distributional channels: clientele numbers over 400 customers in more than 60 cities.

• Among the clients there are chain retailers, restaurants and hotels, catering and wholesale companies.

• Our assortment has wide diversity : from entry level products to fine wines, unique blends and even rarities.

4. MBG

It all began in 1995, when one of the first wine boutiques in Russia called "Intendant " opened on Kutuzov Avenue in Moscow , which has been offering its customers the best wines and strong alcoholic drinks from the main wine-growing regions of the world for 20 years. It was with the boutique "Quartermaster", whose name was given to the oldest in Bordeaux wine store "L'INTENDANT", the history of the MBG company began.

20 years for the history of modern Russia - a whole era. The era of active development and development of business. The time when the country was actively developing restaurant and club business, retail and distribution. IBG responded quickly to the needs of the market, having traveled for these years from a small wine boutique to a professional trading company, one of the top three importers of alcoholic beverages.



Mrs. Evgeniya Brednikova - senior product manager

Natalia is a senior product manager at Rusimport of one of the biggest and oldest importer in Russia.

Rusimport has been on the Russian market for 20+ years. The company is headquartered in Moscow but has 30+ branches throughout Russia. Rusimport is currently working with all trade channels. Natalia has been with Rusimport since 2006. She has a strong knowledge of wines and 10+ years of experience.




Mr. Mikhail Alifanov  - Profile: development director

NORDEX is a wine importer and distributor, founded in 1998 and based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Annual sales: ~10 mln. litres Customers: retail chains, regional distributors. Permanent participant of the salons wine VINEXPO, ProWein, Vinitaly, Fenavin, etc.

Organized wine events: the wine salon of the Nordex 2017 St. Petersburg Gala dinner with Baron Philippe de Rothschild at the Grand Hotel Europe St. Petersburg, etc. with the participation of Christian Bodies, the chef of the train "Orient Express".


Nota: A informação dos restantes convidados será enviada com a maior brevidade possível, sendo o número total de convidados 12 importadores + 2 jornalistas.


Programa “Find Importer Day”:

Esta acção terá a duração de 5 dias e será organizada da seguinte forma:


Dia 1 | 16 de Outubro | Segunda-feira

Local Hotel Intercontinental, Porto


9:30 Receção dos importadores 

10:00- 12:00 Masterclass sobre Vinhos Portugueses (exclusivo para importadores)

12:00 – 14:00 Almoço (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa*)

14:00- 16:00 Provas e reuniões individuais**

16:00 -16:30 Coffee break

16:30 – 18:30 Provas e reuniões individuais**

18:30 -19:30 Workshop - “Como ser bem-sucedido no mercado russo: perspectiva do importador” (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa)


*preço €25/pessoa. Inscrições directamente na plataforma aquando da inscrição no evento.

**provas com o primeiro grupo de produtores. Cada produtor inscrito participa em apenas um dia de provas. Por produtor, será permitida a apresentação de um máximo de 5 referências/ mesa.

Dia 2 | 17 de Outubro | Terça-feira

Local Hotel Intercontinental, Porto


10:00 – 12:00 Provas e reuniões individuais**

12:00 -14:00 Almoço (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa*)

14:00 – 16:00 Provas e reuniões individuais **

16:00 -17:00 Workshop - “Como ser bem-sucedido no mercado russo: perspectiva do importador” (aberto à participação dos produtores inscritos no programa)

20:00-22:00 Jantar num dos produtores inscritos no Programa


*preço €25/pessoa. Inscrições directamente na plataforma aquando da inscrição no evento.

**provas com o primeiro grupo de produtores. Cada produtor inscrito participa em apenas num dia de provas. Por produtor, será permitida a apresentação de um máximo de 5 referências/ mesa.

Dia 3/4/5 | 18/19/20 de Outubro | Quarta-feira a Sexta-feira

Visita aos produtores inscritos no programa***


Os importadores serão divididos em 2 grupos de 6. Todos os produtores inscritos receberão a visita de um destes grupos na sua propriedade de acordo com itinerário a facultar. Nesta visita poderão apresentar o seu projecto e apresentar a gama mais extensa do seu portefólio (max. 5 vinhos).


10:00 – 12:00 Visita 1

13:00 -16:00 Visita 2 c/ Almoço

18:00 – 21:00 Visita 3 c/ Jantar


*** A ViniPortugal reserva-se no direito de propor um local diferente de visita ao produtor, caso a sua propriedade seja num local de difícil acesso ou que seja impossível de conciliar com o restante itinerário.

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