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In the Wines of Portugal Tasting Rooms, from Tuesday to Saturday, you can have wine tastings from different wine regions for single visitors or groups.

In addition to the regular daily wine tasting, Wines Portugal Tasting Rooms also offer a program of wine related events such as the launch of new wines and producers, trainings, workshops, themed events, among others.


Free admission for national and international visitors. Tasting not allowed to anyone under 18.


Visitors can purchase an Enocard for the price of € 2, which will give access to tasting 2 to 4 wines from a selection of 12 wines from different regions of the country. The Enocard may be recharged whenever you want to taste more wines or whenever you return to the Tasting Room. 

Renewed Sala Ogival in Lisbon opens doors to national and international visitors

Inaugurated by the Secretary of State for Agriculture in Terreiro do Paço.

José Diogo Albuquerque, Secretary of State for Agriculture, inaugurated the renovated Sala Ogival de Lisboa, no Terreiro do Paço. The Wines of Portugal tasting room in Lisbon is dedicated to attract national and international visitors and enhance the knowledge about Wines of Portugal.

To open more this space to the city and its tourists was the primary target of the renovation which sought to make it a more welcoming and functional space, providing visitors with a more inviting environment for wine tasting, “ a tavern without being a tavern "in the project author's words.

With a focus on promoting a broader program with more choice of thematic tastings on weekends, the renewed Sala Ogival stimulates greater contact between the visitor and the wine, while a vast collection of books and magazines will also be available to wine lovers so that they can better know the Portuguese wine country, its regions and its history. See the pictures here.


Wines of Portugal Tasting Room in Lisbon, more commonly known as Sala Ogival, is located in the western side of Praça do Comércio, also commonly known as Terreiro do Paço, in one of the most majestic European main squares. During approximately two centuries (from 1511 to 1755), this was Portugal’s Royal Palace until it was destroyed by the 1755 earthquake. Currently, the elegant arcaded buildings that surround Terreiro do Paço have new dynamics and are home to several types of activities such as: government departments, restaurants, coffee shops and other services related to Tourism.

Opening Hours
Open from Monday to Saturday, between 11am and 7pm.

 Closed on Sunday and Holidays

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Oporto’s Wines of Portugal Tasting Room is located in the heart of Oporto city, in the emblematic and elegant Palácio da Bolsa. This nineteenth century building, also known as the ancient stock exchange, is considered a visit card of the city and is nowadays dedicated to organizing some of the most significant Oporto city events.

Opening Hours
Open from Monday to Saturday, between 11am and 7pm.

Closed on Sunday and Holidays

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